Know More About The Cute Bulbul White Eared Birds

About White-Eared Bulbul Birds

Birds are always cute in their nature of appearance. The bulbul is a name of the popular bird which holds many types of species in their family. Here we are going to see about the white vented bulbul.

Vented Bulbul-white is also known as white-checked for reasons unknown. It is mostly situated in the south and western parts of Asia. These are they who are implied in the Straw race. It is belonged to a super species along with صوت البلبل bulbuls at Himalaya and another common bulbul. It is formerly considered as the sub species of Himalayan Bulbul.


The shine of light yellow, dim and clogged pore body has a light spot ears highly contrasting spreads. Feet and legs are dull tans. Feet and legs are in mottled dark gray/brown in color. A grown up is 6 to 7 inches. The tail looks in black and the one fourth of the feathers are in white in color. It is also known as Yellow-vented Bulbul since some of this species has yellow wings in the vent region.


They feed on meal worm, banana, orange, apple, grapes, and mango. They don’t feed on Finch seed & millet.


Females will incubate eggs on an average of 12 days. The male feeds the food to the female. After the eggs were laid, it takes around 15 days to hatch.

Baby Diet

Baby Diet

At the beginning, the parents will feed their chicks with mealworms. They weigh about 6 to 6.5. After two weeks of time, they began to fly. When they are young, they have gray head and tails. They are inactive and wait for its parents to feed them at the initial stage. Then they slowly get into their parent’s behavior. They feed on the same, incubation process and the cycle goes on.