What Are The Different Types Of MVMT Watches

The MVMT brand has a various category of watches for both men and women. The different types of watches are furnished here along with its features.

Categorized For Men     

  • 40 series

A sophisticated 40mm case watch, which can be used on a daily basis. It suits well for modern day gentlemen. This one comes under the category of most liked one in MVMT reviews.

  • Chrono

A bold chronograph, which is about 40 to 45mm case. Perfectly suitable for those who seek better chronograph.

  • Modern Sport

As the name indices, this one suits, sports person. Apart from sportsmen, most of the youngsters go for this one, due to its trendy style. This type comes under various level cases.

  • Voyager

Travelling can be benefited by this watch as it has time zone identification. It comes with 42mm case. High water resistance up to 10ATM.This watch suits for a delightful voyage.

  • Classic

Highly professional watches suitable for formal attire. It has about 45mm case. Quite simple and gentle. Listed as the common usage watch in buyer’s guide MVMT watches.. 


Categorized For Women

  • Avenue

The new model simple and small case of about 28mm. It resembles the classic style watches. It can be used on a daily basis.

  • Boulevard

It takes up an iconic look and trendy appearance. Irrespective of age, this one suits all women. Suggested as the best one in watch reviews

  • Nova

It has a dual time zone function, which comes under 38mm case. Especially for the women who would like to explore. Nova is the perfect one for adventurous women.

  • Signature

It’s refined look and simply attracts many women. Best for those who prefer keen and tidy attire apart from trend boosted styles. It’s the one listed in MVMT reviews as the best one for its originality. These are the different types of MVMT watches for men and women.